Frequently Asked Questions: Answers from Our Experts

Why do I need to evaluate a service before ordering my paper?

There are hundreds of writing services on the Web, offering similar inviting features. The reason why you need a good evaluation before ordering your paper is that many of these companies are fraudulent or make false promises they cannot keep. Evaluating a writing service is the only way to make sure that a company is worth your time and money.

How do I know that a writing service is good for my papers?

A writing service is good for your papers if it offers quality content, reliable customer service, affordable prices, solid guarantees, privacy policy and a variety of academic papers. You may check our top essay writing services to choose the best one.

What should I look into when choosing a writing service?

The answer here is simple – you should look into everything. Start with website design and move forwards with evaluating the company’s range of services, pricing and discount options, on-time delivery guarantee and any hidden costs. Furthermore, you must look into their reputation in terms of quality and originality of content.

How long does it take to properly evaluate a writing service?

Evaluating a writing service is not something you can do in a couple of minutes or even an hour. When it comes to a big service, it sometimes takes us days to properly evaluate it, especially because we tend to order a paper to provide you with a fully unbiased review.

Do you re-evaluate the writing services?

A writing service can easily fail or lose their good reputation due to lack of good writers, change in pricing policy or simply because of better competition. Additionally, they may change some information listed in our review, which requires for immediate change on our behalf, too. For this reason, we make sure to update our reviews regularly, all with the goal to make sure that the evaluation you are seeing is fully up-to-date.

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