5 Signs of a Fraud Essay Writing Service

Nowadays, more and more students are becoming victims of scam essay writing services. So, how can you actually detect such services and avoid them altogether? Take a look at our list of signs of a scam essay writing service:

1. Create Various Websites under Different Web Addresses

If you get a habit of reviewing various writing services, you can easily detect when a service has more than one website that offers the exact same features. Look for copied content or same pricelists to detect such services.

2. Post Only Positive Reviews on Their Website

Let’s be real – no one can have 100% positive reviews, regardless of the quality of service. Most fraudulent companies post fake comments that make you believe that no customer has ever had any complaint for their service.

3. Do Not Have Other Contact Info Except for the Live Chat

A company that has not listed an address, a phone number or e-mail address is not a legit writing service. However, be careful, many companies nowadays use fake postal addresses, which is why it is best to look for a service with a phone number as a contact method.

4. Offer Unrealistically Low Prices

‘Get your paper at $5 per page’! You will find many companies on the Web that offer prices that are unrealistically low. These prices are generated to fraud students into purchasing their paper, after which they get plagiarized, badly written assignments or no paper whatsoever. Do not buy from companies with extremely low prices!

5. Advertise Fake Age of Establishment

Fraudulent companies tend to write things such as ‘since 1998’. This may be true for some services, but make sure to check the site’s age in whois to establish if it is a real claim or another way to make you believe that the company is legit.

Now that you know the most common ways to detect a fraud writing service. Also, don’t forget to check out top 10 essay writing services reviewed by our experts and pay closer attention to who you order your papers from!